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Finding Great Tech Talent is Time-Consuming

As developers, we all know that a bigger team will help you meet your product goals on time.

The question is how are you going to find great developers when you and your engineering team are busy building features?

Say NO to wading through resumes, wasted phone screens, and fruitless interviews of less-qualified candidates. Say YES to partnering with someone technically minded to bring you the right candidates, and help you hire efficiently.

There's good news

We find you the best developers, because we understand developers.

We understand them because we are developers (and good ones, too.)

We make hiring easy so you can spend your time on what matters:
building your product.

Strong Technical Experience


Strong Network of Engineers


More Qualified Candidates

We've spent our careers building a large network of fellow techies, and now we're using our tech experience, to help businesses like yours, find the expertise you need to get across the finish line.

We know the personalities and abilities of developers and engineers that we would like to work with, so that's who we bring to you.

Build Your Dream

Did we mention we're engineers? We build products all the time.

Web Applications

Whether you want to step up your web presence, build the MVP for your startup, or you have ongoing maintenance needed for your existing application, we've got you covered. The web is still a very powerful tool and we've learned the ins and outs of making it work for you.

Mobile Applications

We love to build Mobile apps! There is just something refreshing about seeing something you've built on the App Store or Google Play store that you've built and sending a link to all of your friends. If you have a great app idea, let us know how we can make your mobile vision a reality.

Cloud Operations

We know how to scale your app in the cloud so your customers always have what they need: your product. We've stared at matrix-like terminals, entering sophisticated commands to tell the servers what to do, for close to a decade, and we can do that for you too!

Technical Product Consulting

Some of our best work has been filling in the gaps for clients with a powerhouse team of engineers already at their disposal. We sit at the sweet spot of being able to speak tech, and speak the language of business, helping you make the tough decisions needed to own your product.

Scale Your Team

We know technology, and we know how to help you build your engineering team.

Coming from years of hiring experience, great repoire with engineers, and deep technical knowledge, we find the right candidate, with the right expertise that will also fit your team and your culture.

We will even help supplement your team while continuing the search.

We specialize in finding Javascript (React.js, Node.js, Redux, GraphQL), Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and DevOps (Docker, GCP, AWS, Kubernetes), though we are confident we can find the people you need to fill out your team.

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